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City Council Work Session
July 5, 2017
6:00 P.M.
City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – Council Chambers  

1.   Members Present:
2.   Guests Present:
3.   Approval of Minutes:
A.    June 20, 2017
4.   Topics of Discussion:
A.    City Manager Report
B.   Supplemental Appropriations
C.   Operation of Golf Carts in City
D.   DOJ Bulletproof Vest Grant - Police Division
E.   Placement of Farmland in Agricultural District Renewal Application - John and Pamela Connolly, Jr. - 7795 Chambersburg Road
F.   Electric Governmental Aggregation - Plan of Operation and Governance
G.   SAFR Staffing Grant - Fire Division
H.   ZC 17-14 - Text Amendment To Chapter 11 - Huber Heights City Code - Medical Marijuana
I.   Transfer of Dial Road Land - Parks and Recreation Use
J.   Purchase of Land - Sanitary Easement/Recreational Use
K.   Street Pole Banners
L.   Liquor Permit #22790440001 - Double Deuce - 5186 Brandt Pike
M.   Liquor Permit #5779350 - Brick Tap and Tavern - 7113 Taylorsville Road
N.   Thomas Cloud Park Concession Stand
O.   Clean Energy Vehicles - City Fleet/Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
5.   Recommendations / Actions:
6.   Action Items / Future Agenda Items:
A.   Action Items Tracking Form
7.   Adjournment:

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