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Q. New Business  
City Council Meeting Agenda   
Meeting Date: 01/23/2012  
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra Contract
Submitted By: Emily Christian
Department: Division:
Council Committee Review?:   
Date(s) of Committee Review:    01/04/2012  
Audio-Visual Needs:    None
Emergency Legislation?:    Yes
Resolution No.:   

Agenda Item Description or Legislation Title

A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Enter Into An Agreement With The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra For A Performance In Huber Heights Scheduled For December, 6, 2012, And Declaring An Emergency. 
(first reading)

Purpose and Background
Handel’s Messiah Performance - Proposal from the Arts and Beautification Commission

The Arts and Beautification Commission, in conjunction with to-be-determined sponsors, wishes to host the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance of Handel’s Messiah on December 6, 2012 at St. Peter Catholic Church.  The Commission hopes to solicit sponsors for the performance to offset the costs of the performance, public relations and other items.  The performance cost is $10,000.  The Commission also intends to charge a nominal admission fee ($5-$10) for attendees.  The Commission requests City Council support in the form of up-front funding for the event with the understanding that fundraising goals will offset all or most of the up-front funding.

Community Support:
The Commission already has one pledged sponsor: St. Peter Catholic Church has pledged $2,500 in addition to the use of the performance space.
Throughout the rest of this year and early next year, the Commission members will send out fundraising letters and make personal visits to businesses and organizations in the community.  If there is an interest from the sponsors, then the Commission may plan a pre-concert reception for high-level sponsors.

The Commission will also be responsible for all advertising, ticket sales and the programs.  There is a possibility of selling advertisements for the program. The Commission will work with a local printer to coordinate the programs and advertising.

DPO Performance - $10,000
Performance Space - Free-in kind contribution from St. Peter Church - $10,000
Printed Materials (tickets, flyers, programs) - $2,000
Advertisements (newspaper, radio) - $2,000
Pre-Concert Reception and Other Sponsorship “Perks” (signage at the concert, etc.) - $2,000
TOTAL - $16,000

Ideally, the Commission could obtain sponsorship for the majority of the budget and offset $1,500 - $3,000 of the costs with ticket sales.

The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra has a very busy concert schedule, especially during the holidays.  As a result, the Commission would request that the City Council provide the up-front funding in the City’s 2012 budget appropriations and that they pass a resolution to permit the City Manager to enter into a contract with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for the performance.  This will assure that December 6, 2012 is the definite date for the performance.

Fiscal Impact
Source of Funds: General Fund
Cost: $16,000
Recurring Cost? (Yes/No): No
Funds Available in Current Budget? (Yes/No): Yes
Financial Implications:
The current budget for the Arts and Beautification Commission is $15,000 for all projects.  This budget would need to be increased to accommodate this project and others that the Arts and Beautification Commission would like to do during 2012.  The hope is that fundraising and ticket sales will "pay back" this expenditure.

An extra $7,000 was appropriated to the Arts and Beautification budget at the January 9, 2012 City Council Meeting.
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