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City Council Meeting Agenda Economic Development  
Meeting Date: 12/09/2013  
Carriage Trails - Special Assessments - Sections 12 and 15 - Ordinance To Proceed
Submitted By: Donnie Jones
Department: Economic Development  
Council Committee Review?:   
Date(s) of Committee Review:    12/03/2013  
Audio-Visual Needs:    None
Emergency Legislation?:    Yes
Resolution No.:   

Agenda Item Description or Legislation Title
An Ordinance Determining To Proceed With The Improvement Of Public Streets And Easements By Constructing And Installing On Certain Property Within The City Street Improvements, Water And Sewer Lines, Storm Drains, Lighting, Irrigation Lines, Signage And All Necessary Appurtenances, And Declaring An Emergency.
(first reading)
Purpose and Background
DEC has asked that the City provide $120,000 in special assessment proceeds to help fund a portion of the costs of public infrastructure on their Carriage Trails project.  The ordinance to proceed allows the City to proceed with the project.

Fiscal Impact

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